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Upvc Repair Wirral.

Who are we?

Hello and welcome to Upvc Repair Wirral.

Upvc Repair Wirral is a genuine, local double-glazed window and door repair business run by two brothers, Richard and Thomas. This means we are definitely not a “one size fits all” company with an unhelpful call centre and lack of knowledge for your upvc problems. When you call Upvc REpair Wirral, you speak to us directly.

Here at Upvc Repair Wirral we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality, professional level service at affordable prices for all of our customers.

Upvc Repair Wirral offers a full 24 hour service, so if you have a property that has been broken into or a door / window which has broken open, we know the importance of having your property full secured again.

What can Upvc Repair Wirral do?

Our Upvc Repair Wirral services cover all aspects of upvc door and window repairs.

Maybe you have a upvc composite door which locking mechanism has locked shut, or simply will not lock anymore? Or a upvc window which is not closing properly, leaving a gap around the double glazed unit?

These are all types of upvc door and window repairs that Upvc Repair Wirral can fix for you.

Here is a sample of the types of repairs that we can fix for you:

  • Broken upvc window hinges and realignments.
  • Replacement upvc door and window handle sets.
  • Broken upvc door locking mechanism repairs and replacements.
  • Replacement of upvc door and window rubber gasket seals.
  • Realigning of dropped upvc doors.
  • Replacment of broken upvc door hinges.
  • upvc lock and security upgrades.

Where is Upvc Repair Wirral located?

We are a local business with excellent knowledge of the Wirral and surrounding areas, so getting to your property to arrange a quote is always quick and pain free.

What to do next?

It’s as simple as getting in touch with us. Hundreds of homeowners and landlords over the years have got in touch with us at Upvc Repair Wirral to sort out their upvc door and window problem. We try our hardest to make the whole experience as easy as possible.

Phone 01515590761 or  07595714464

We are always happy to chat about any of you upvc door and window repair needs or if you want, we are always more than happy to call out and see what problems you are having. Call outs are free of charge!


What can Upvc repair Wirral fix for you?



Door Handles


Door Mechanisms


Window Handles


Replacement Gaskets


Missed Glass


Window Hinges


Door Hinges


Anti Snap Cylinders


Trickle Vents


Door Adjustments


Additional Security


What type of Upvc door & window faults do we fix?

What type of Upvc door and window faults can we fix? is probably what you are thinking and that’s a good question to ask. The short answer to that questions is pretty much everything you can think of.

Upvc doors and windows have a lot of working and moving parts to them from the locking mechanisms down to a pin in a composite door hinge but the good news is that pretty much all of these parts can be replaced or interchanged and that’s what window and door fitting companies don’t want you to know.

Here at Upvc repair Wirral we have seen it all over the years and know exactly how to fix a wide verity of double glazed window and door faults.

What are the most common Upvc door and window faults we fix?
  • Replacement door and window hinges.
  • Replacement locking mechanisms to doors and windows.
  • Replacement double glazed window units.
  • New letterboxes, door knockers and numbers.
  • Replacement door and window rubber gaskets.
  • New centre panels for Upvc doors.
  • Locking cylinder replacements and upgrades.
  • Replacement window handles.
  • Door and window adjustments ( Toe & healing.)
What’s the best way to get a quote from Upvc repair Wirral?

Here at Upvc repair Wirral like like to keep it as simple and as pain free as possible, the best way to get a quote from are selves is to simply call and arrange a day and time which is best for you to have ourselves come out and give you a quote. This is free of charges and there is no call out fees what so ever.

it can be extremely difficult to give prices for repair work over the telephone as you can imagine there can be all sorts of reasons why a door or window could be broken. Also there are hundreds  of different types of locking mechanisms, handles, hinges and all have different sizes and prices for those size so we always proffer to make an appointment and see the door or window in question before we can give you a accurate quote on any work you might need doing.

If you would like a Quote or have any questions please call on:

0151 5590761 or 07595714464