Upvc repair Wirral Services

What do Upvc repair Wirral fix?

Upvc repair Wirral are experts in fixing, replacing and repairing all types of broken upvc doors and windows. You name it we have seen it from smashed glass to ripped out hinges and even botched DIY repairs here at Upvc repair Wirral we can have all you upvc double glazed door and window faults and accidents repaired.

We can replace or repair:
  • Door Hinges
  • Letterboxes
  • Door handle sets
  • Door knockers
  • Door numbers
  • Upvc door panels
  • Upvc door double glazing units
  • Upvc door rubber gaskets & seals
  • Upvc door locking mechanisms
  • Window hinges
  • Window handles
  • Window locking mechanisms
  • Upvc window rubber gaskets and seals
  • Upvc window double glazed units.

As you can see there is a lots of parts to Upvc double glazed doors and windows that can be replaced and repaired so if you are not sure you see anything you need repairing on our list of parts we can replace please feel free to just give us a call and we can always discuss what troubles your having with you door or windows.

How we fix it?

What Upvc door and window company’s don’t want to tell you is that doors and windows can be fixed, as long as the plastic on the door window units is not cracked or twisted. So how do we fix you broken Upvc doors or windows a lot of it is to do with seeing the door and window to know which parts can be fitted to have the door or window running and working correctly again. As you can imagine not all upvc double glazed doors and windows are the same they have different manufactures meaning they will use different parts and sizes of parts also age can be a big factor in if a door or a window can be repaired or if parts for that Upvc door of window are discontinued but do not fear most of the time a old unit can have new unit parts fitted it just means cutting or teasing to fit the new parts.

Why get us to fix it?

Why is that million pound question and the simple answer is that its way cheaper to replace parts to Upvc doors and windows than just replace the whole units and when I say way cheaper I mean £££ cheaper. Are experience with fixing Upvc doors and Windows means you name it was have seen it and fixed it so if you after a fix that lasts and is done to a high standard then using Upvc repair Wirral is a wise choice.

Get in touch.

Here at Upvc repair Wirral we are always happy to have a chat or give straight forward advice on any of your Upvc door or window needs so just give us a call on :

0151 5590761 or 07595714464